Trouble with upgrade


Jan 20, 2005
MSI - K8N Neo2 Platinum 939 socket mobo problem.

Problem I ran into upgrading my system.

Are the Front panel Connectors necessary to operate the system?

If the cpufan1 power connector does not have a fan hooked up to it, the PSU will not even turn on. I imagine that this is some sort of built in safety device to prevent you from ruining your system. Is there something similar to this on the Front panel connectors? With none of them connected I can turn on the PSU and get the following results.

Light on front of DVD player flashes but tray will not open.
CPU fan run.
AGP card fan run.
3 system fans all run.
Sounds like the HD is running.

CRT monitor light will flash green, Screen is blank. When cable is disconnected from video card I can see “no signal error” on screen.

I have switched out two different video cards and have the EXACT same results. A Gainward GeForce 4 Ti4600 (no extra power source needed) and a new Radeon X800 Pro (needs extra power source to run)

Wondering if it might be a bad PSU I removed the new mobo and all new devices and installed my old mobo (Gigabyte GA-60XT) and tried to fire it up with the new PSU. Nothing would work. I then hooked up all the front panel connectors and the original system ran fine.

Original System
P3 1.4ghz Intel
Gigabyte GA-60XT mobo
2 x 256 ram
80 gig HD
350w PowerMagic PSU no ATX 12v cable
GeForce 4 Ti4600 Gainward.

New System
Athlon 64 3500+ 939pin processor
K8n Neo2 Platinum mobo
OCZ Performance series DDR400 2GB (1GBx2)
Western Digital 160GB 7200rpm IDE HD.
SurePower 400 Watt BTX/ATX Smart cable PSU manufacturer: Mad Dog Multimedia
Radeon X800 Pro


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