Question Troubleshooting a laptop with non-working display ?

Jan 5, 2021
Hello, all,

I have a Samsung ATIV Book 4 NP470R5E-K02UB 15.6-Inch Laptop that has seen some rough days throughout me owning it since 2013/2014. If you've ever owned one you'll know the hinges on that sucker eventually break down from use.

About a year ago I had a friend completely remove the screen but in the process he also messed up the keyboard layout (pressing A will be like Z and pressing backspace is the number 8 comes up). Since then I also took out the old HDD to use it in something else but I kinda wanna go back to it and get it to display to an external monitor or TV. It has decent specs and I honestly wanna repurpose it rather recycle it.

Is there any way I can get it to display to a monitor or tv? I don't see anything when I boot it up. No BIOS screen or anything. If I could just get into bios while connected to a monitor with an HDMI or VGA I can somehow force it to only display to external. I know I can run Linux on it if I install it to an HDD on a separate machine then just toss it into the laptop and boot into it. I just need it to display somehow because even if I use the keyboard commands it's all messed up lol

Any recommendations or help is appreciated!! Thanks.