Question troubleshooting blank screen on video wakeup Asus Strix 04gb rx560

Aug 6, 2019
i have an Asus rog strix rx 560 4gb video card (aprox. 8 months old) with 3 monitors hooked up. i have noticed over the past week that upon waking the video card from its timeout sleep that all of my screens remain black. I have found that if i turn the power off on the monitor i have set as my primary ( #1) and turn it back on once i see the other screens cycle, the video signal to all screens returns. this is only a recent issue, its never had a problem before this past week.

my computer remains running (performance settings) 24/7, video set to sleep after 20 mins of sitting idle. i havent attempted yet to disable the video sleep.

monitor 1 - DP
monitor 2 - DVI
monitor 3 - hdmi

I am pretty diligent and clean any debris out of my pc/filters about once a month, and perform a thurough maintenance every 3-4 months; in which i apply fresh thermal paste to cpu and video card heatsyncs. Thee video card temps are typically 25c (idle) 31c (general use) (37*c when gaming)

last thurough maintenance on cpu/video was 2 months ago.

could this be a recent driver/software update glitch? i believe the last update i performed was about 2-3 weeks ago.

any ideas?