Question Troubleshooting complicated refresh rate issue

Oct 1, 2023

Oh boy this is complicated. I have a very curious issue concerning my refresh rate on my monitor (Gigabyte G24F). I have had this problem for more than 3 months.

First of all, there was a time where I could run 165 Hz in any game without a problem. However recently, in some games, I can't get it to max out. It fluctuates between 90 and 100 Hz (I can see these numbers when I open the user interface of my monitor). I mostly play Valorant and in that game, I have this issues whenever I played on 1080 p with 16:9 as the aspect ratio. If I set the aspect ratio to 4:3, I get crisp 165 Hz. A couple of days ago, this temporary fix did not seem to work anymore. After some experimenting, it only worked if I capped my FPS to exactly 165. Kind of. With frames capped to 165, I do get 165 Hz, yet sometimes, for example the moment I get shot in game, I get stutters and my refresh rate drops for like a second or two, then goes back up again to 165 Hz. This performance drop only occurs on 1080p 16:9, on 4:3 with a lower resolution and frames capped at 165 I don't seem to get these drops.

But, there has been a time where I could play with uncapped FPS without any issues (if I uncap, I get around 600 FPS in practice range, in a match around 350) and it would be great if I could get it back to that state. Also in CS2, I don't seem to get it to max refresh rate no matter which resolution or aspect ratio I choose. However, my monitor displays 165 Hz in the user interface (but I can tell it's not, just way too stuttery). I would love for this issue to simply be gone so I can play on 165 Hz on 1080p 16:9 again, no matter if my FPS is capped to 165.

I basically have no clue at all what the problem might be. I have tried everything I know, but nothing seemed to do the trick. And it's not like I can't get my monitor to 165 Hz, it just does not get there when I want it to. I have over the course of multiple weeks talked to Valorant Support where they checked every single game setting within Valorant and we did a clean reinstall, so it should not be the Valorant ingame settings causing the drops in performance. And as I said it happens sometimes in other games, too. Not so much as in Valorant though. I have updated all my drivers (GPU and monitor drivers, windows is up to date and in the windows settings it is without a doubt set to 165 Hz. I have experimented with different Displayport cables, but that did not change anything. I am running on Windows 11 (64-Bit). I have also factory reset my monitor, I deleted the AMD Adrenalin Software (I saw some people having performance issues caused by it). I disabled my firewall to see if that interferes with that in any way. I tried disabling AMD Freesync Premium, with that my monitor showed 165 Hz in the interface, but it was not smooth at all, it more looked like 60Hz. So I re enabled it. The last thing I tried was hooking up my monitor with my laptop, to see wether it is my pc. On my laptop I only have HMDI, so I only got 120 Hz max. However, on my laptop, I got consistent 120 Hz. I could not confirm that with my eyes since my laptop could only get up to like 40 frames per second, but this would maybe indicate, that this whole thing only seems to occur on my pc. I have a feeling it's some weird setting, but I am honestly helpless.

Here is my pc build:

-SSD: 1000GB Crucial P2 M.2 PCIe 3.0 x4 (CT1000P2SSD8)

-power: 750 Watt be quiet! Pure Power 11 FM Modular 80+ Gold

-CPU-cooler be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 Tower Kühler

-Motherboard: MSI B550M Bazooka AMD B550 So.AM4 Dual Channel DDR4 ATX Retail

-GPU: MSI Radeon RX 6600 XT Mech 2X 8G, 8GB GDDR6, HDMI, 3x DP (V502-035R)

-CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - 3.7 GHz - 6 cores - 12 Threads

-RAM: Crucial Ballistix BL2K8G36C16U4B 3600 MHz, DDR4, DRAM, Desktop Gaming Speicher Kit, 16GB (8GB x2), CL16, Schwarz

-monitor: Gigabyte G24f 165 hz

-cable: JSAUX DisplayPort Cable 1.4 3 m, 32.4 Gbps Nylon Braided Gold-Plated Connectors DP 1.4 Cable, 8K @ 60Hz 4K @ 144Hz 2K @ 240Hz 2K @ 165hz DSC 1.2 FreeSync G-Sync for Gaming Monitor RTX 3090/4090 Laptop TV - Grey

This would be unbelievable if some heckin tech god could find the problem and fix this for me as I am absolutely lost from this point on. There is nothing more I can do. Thanks in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from your ideas. I will be happy to provide you guys with any further details you might need.


Oct 2, 2023
Win 11 ? Go into settings->system->display->advanced display and make sure refresh rate is maximum.

Go into settings->system->display->graphics->check if app is already in the list and then set it to high performance, if not then browse and find your app base.exe file. You can do it by right clicking on the shortcut of the app and then click open file location till you reach base.exe
(base is replaced with your app name and ver)

Type 'choose a power plan' into the search box. Enter and then select create a power plan (on the left side). Select 'high performance' and then next and create. The new power plan will be automatically run.
Oct 1, 2023
Thank you for your reply, I have already done all of those steps. In the windows settings, everything is set to maximum refresh rate.