[Troubleshooting] Diablo III on an HP dv6


May 7, 2012
Hey Toms,

My buddy has an HP dv6 with an i7 and a Radeon 6770m. I do not know the exact model number, but I sent him a text and I am waiting on his response.
But by the looks of this he should be able to run it comfortably at 1600x900. But it has not turned out that way.

I've had to find him some custom drivers, and he still can only run it at 800x600 at 15-20 fps.

I've tried setting core affinity, with combinations of 2 and 4 vcores enabled, and I have changed the running priority as well, both with no effect. This makes me think that it is a graphics problem.

I just had the thought to disable hyper threading, but like i said, I really think it is a gpu thing.

I have read about certain bugs where D3 does not trigger the system to switch from the iGPU to the dGPU, have any one you heard about/fixed a situation like this?

Thanks for any help.


May 30, 2012
I have the same laptop and it seems to be an isue with the switchable graphics as its not using the AMD gfx card properly, I followed the directions in this link and everything plays at Max res and resolved any lag performance issues !! Happy Gaming


PS. I've found that overclocking the GPU makes the gaming experience even more enjoyable. I used a MSI Afterburner to overclock the cpu

I recommend this setting
950 MHz Core Clock Speed
1000 MHz Memory Clock Speed
I highly recommend not to change the voltage

Download ATITool to scan for artifacts. Artifacts are when you bring your speed to high and you see little random things appear like several little white lines. Download ATITool and select scan for artifacts and run it for a good 5-10 minutes and look for artifacts. If it says you have artifacts or errors or if you see anything unusual then lower your clock speed and retest for artifacts but if you don't see any artifacts then you are fine.

Here is the full instructions on how to Overclock it

Here are some more people who have overclocked the 6770m: