Question Troubleshooting - does this sound like I need a new motherboard?


May 29, 2014
After working fine for 6 months, my computer won't start up after doing a Windows update. When I power up the computer, the fans start spinning, the motherboard LED lights up, the CPU fan lights up, the memory sticks light up, but I get no beeps and nothing appears on the monitor. No BIOS screen comes up either. Initially I figured it was problem with graphics card, but I tested the graphics card in a different computer and that worked, plus I tried a different card in the problem PC and that also didn't work. Since the motherboard is lighting up, I'm guessing the power is going though ok. I tried removing the memory and re-seating which also didn't help.

So I'm guessing the motherboard just went bad and needs to be replaced?... but I'm just a novice PC builder so looking for any other suggestions/advice. Thanks.

Below are the items in the PC. Was running Windows 10.


Seems to me like the board might be suffering from a corrupt BIOS. According to the motherboard manual, here, look at the Asus CrashFree BIOS option and see if you can reflash the BIOS using a pen drive, as stated in page 2-4, section 2.4.

The PSU looks capable of powering the entire build but it's a good idea to source a donor PSU(not purchase) from your friend or neighbor who owns a reliably built 650W unit.