Question Troubleshooting EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Ti (Black Edition)


Jan 25, 2018
I've been having long standing freezes, crashes and unusual sounds during those (sounds like a loud PC startup all the way to a nasty electronic buzzing sound) and it's recently getting worse to the point my PC shuts down. So far I've tried updating the Nvidia video drivers, and checked all gpu connections, nothing obvious and no change. I'm considering removing the gpu I installed and going back to the integrated graphics to see if this resolves any issues, but I'm not finding much on Google to suggest that's a good idea. Next thought is to get a cheap (lol, yeah) graphics card to run and see if that fixes the issue. If it does, then it's likely my 1070 Ti at fault. If not, then I can go after HP while I still have warranty.

Suggestions on any of the above? Things I haven't thought of? I'm a novice at PC components and troubleshooting, so explanations greatly appreciated in responses! :)

More Info:
I'm in Canada, funds are limited atm so not building a new PC just yet.
My PC specs:
HP Omen 880-109 Desktop with Tampa2 motherboard, CPU i5 8400, 500W PSU, running Windows 10 64 bit, 16G ddr4 ram, NVMe M.2 500G for system files, SSDs for backup and storage (a thought here, one of these contains the original Windows and system files, issues with that?).