Question Troubleshooting for Machine check exception BSOD

Mar 12, 2020
So i recently upgraded most of the parts from my prebuilt Acer Aspire GX-781 Desktop. New motherboard, CPU and a water cooler for it, new RAM and even a new case. Only thing i kept was the GPU and the M.2 SSD.

Now my windows keep crashing at completely random times because of a "Machine check exception"
I know this is due to either an issue with the drivers or hardware. I've triplechecked everything inside the PC is connected correctly etc. but to no avail.
All my drivers are up to date but that didn't help either. I have also fresh installed Windows 10 after the hardware changes.
I'm at a loss at how to figure out the core problem that is causing the crashes.
Does anyone have any idea where to start looking or some experiences with this error and possible fixes to it.

I am fairly new to PC building so it is possible i've overlooked something. Any help is appreciated