Question Troubleshooting Frametime Spikes

Feb 5, 2023
Hello Troubleshooting and Performance Experts,
Iam experiencing a few problems while Gaming with my RIG:
  • i7-10700k with Artic Freezer 2 240mm
  • RTX 3060 Gainward Ghost
  • MSI Z490 Plus ms-7c98
  • Ripsaw 3600Mhz CL16
  • beQuite Straight Power 11 750w
  • Samsung 980 NVME M.2 1TB
  • Gigabyte xxxx NVME M.2 1TB
Following problem occurs in every Game:
My FPS are pretty high aswell as GPU and CPU usage but every now and then between 15-60seconds a random spike happens. My FPS drop and my frametime skyrockets resulting in a short but very noticable lag/freeze.
Sometimes but only 1/10 Spikes i also get a Audio frezze/bug.

Graph1 Overwatch 2 capped fps 144
Graph2 Overwatch 2 uncapped
Graph3 Diablo3 uncapped

Also happens in every Game.
As you can see it seems pretty smooth and fine until a big spikes comes along and ruines my experience.

What i have tried so far:
  • Swapping SSD
  • Swapping RAM and RAM slots (currently a2/b2 again)
  • Swapping PSU
  • Disable HPET
  • Chaning GPU CPU Prio via regedit (and reverted)
  • Reset BIOS
  • Update BIOS
  • OC CPU
  • Disable C-States, HT, Intel Speed Shift, Turbo Boost
  • XPM on/off
  • Enable Rez Bar
  • GameMode on/off
  • Disbale GameDVR
  • GPU scheduling on/off
  • Changing Powerplan to High and Ultimate Performance and also changing it to 99% CPU Power
  • Reinstalled Win10Home
  • Reinstalled Win10Pro
  • Windows Updates
  • Update all Drivers, Display, Audio, Intel, Chipset etc. Everything. (GPU with DDU, 5-6 different drivers)
  • Cap and Uncap FPS with RTSS, Nvidia Control Panel, ingame, Vsync
  • Change Nvidia Control Panel to every possible setting and back
  • Disable both Root Enumerator in Device Manager
  • Uninstalled every non-essential App
  • Disabled Win Telemetry and allother non-essential Services including Microsoft Services
  • Undervolt GPU
  • Overclock GPU
  • Changed my apartment and outlets
  • tried different monitors and dp/hdmi cable
  • Change Mouse Polling Rate
  • Disable WinDefender and App-Control
  • Disable Flow Control Guard for Dx11/12 Games
  • unplugeg Front USB Panel Connector
  • Unplugged Wifi Card (pcie)
  • Memtest
  • Crystaldisk
  • tried running ISLC while gaming
  • latencymon is fine
  • temps are all fine (tested with lots of configurations, nothing even close to critical)
  • disbaled spectre/meltdown mittigation
Maybe i also tried other things i might have forgotten.
I would like some advice on what i could try or on what tool i could get/buy to analyse the cause of the stutter. I tried MSI Afterburner, FrameCap, PerMon, LatencyMon hwinfo, hwmonitor) to find out the correlation betwenn the spike and some latency (driver mabe) , currently iam testing Nvidia Nsight System but iam a bit lost.
Any way to find the reason and debug this?