Question Troubleshooting help: MSI B450i

Jul 21, 2020
My PC has been built for about 3 months now and ran previously with no issues. The specs are:

Mobo: MSI B450i Gaming plus AC
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Memory: 2x 8GB ADATA XPG Spectrix D41 DDR4 3200 MHz
GPU: Asus TUF GeForce GTX-1660 Super

I have changed quite a bit and gotten a lot of different error messages, so I will try to lay it out clearly:
- Background: I have done no overclocking. My CPU was previously undervolted by 0.1V (with no issues). I started fiddling with it again after I noticed my CPU fan would stop spinning randomly. I figured this might be because the BIOS was conflicting with my profile on MSI DragonCenter, so I decided to go into my BIOS to change it.

Once I got into the BIOS, I disabled my CPU fan settings, then started to look at some other settings. I noticed that my DRAM frequency was auto set to 2667 MHz even though my RAM is capable of 3200. So then I went through this sequence:

1. changed DRAM to 3200, I also removed the CPU voltage offset. I did not change the default DRAM voltage.
Result: no issues, PC posted normally. Fans were running well, but my CPU temp had gone up from the voltage change

2. At this point, I decided to put the offset back in as my temps were still a bit high. Restarted and went back into BIOS, set the CPU voltage offset to negative 0.1V again. Again, no change to DRAM voltage (auto at 1.35V).
Result: fans ran and RGB lights were on, but did not post. MSI ez debug light for CPU came on and stays on (white light).

3. I had this issue when previously undervolting and I fixed it by resetting the CMOS, so I tried it again. Unplugged the power source, drained the remaining power, then used a screwdriver on the jumper.
Result: CPU light flashed on and off, DRAM light flashed, VGA light flashed, but final BOOT light stays on and PC did not post.

4. Tried to reset CMOS again, no change.

5. Took a break and had some lunch. Came back and tried turning on PC again.
Result: Different lights. CPU light flashed on and off, DRAM light stayed on (white light).

6. I re-seated both sticks of RAM and also tried using 1 at a time with no luck. Stuck at this stage with the DRAM ez debug light on. Note that the RGB on my sticks still light up.

At this point I am fresh out of ideas. I'm not sure if my mobo is fried or if my RAM is. Any suggestions on what else I can try?