Question Troubleshooting help with problem PC ?


Jul 7, 2013
I am having an issue with one of my older secondary PCs which has:

Asus VI Hero /Gigabyte Z87-HD3
GTX 970,
16gb Ram,
750w/1050w PSU.

A week ago, I had powered up my PC, went into windows like normal, opened up a program and my PC instantly crashed. I went to turn it back on, and got nothing, no lights no fan, no error code, just a click for power and nothing.

Things I tried:
Reset CMOS, Remove and switch Ram, Remove GPU, Swap Power supply, try different outlet, even swapped motherboards. After the motherboard swap, I was able to get literally 1 second of fan spin/color etc then immediate shut down. This was on both PSU, and trying to start by using power button, and shorting. I have also tried switching CPU (i7 4770) which now gets me into a boot loop, no display or bios but constant loop.

Pins on the motherboard look fine, and I'm only testing the system now with CPU, Cooler, MoBo and 1 stick of ram, outside the case.

At this point, I'm thinking about just giving it up and waiting until the fall of 22 to build a new, cheap system.

I know this thing being 7 years old is almost ancient these days, I'm surprised it would just up and die after all this time.
Thanks for any extra help anyone can give!