Question Troubleshooting help with RX580 that does not display.

Mar 25, 2021
Hi. Years ago I bought a used RX580 that I could not get it to display anything on my main PC. I got another RX580 that worked and was able to keep the broke one. Now, with GPUs being scarce, I have a new build and would like to use it, but of course, it is not displaying on the new PC either. I currently have an old trusty GTX660 in the new build since it has a 2600X with no IGP, and its working fine. I am going to try to get the RX580 in the other PCIE slot and see if I can detect it at all. The RX580 by itself will light up the logo, but not spin fans. The GPU board looks fine and I see no physical issues with the components. Any ideas on what I can try? I have a BIOS switch on the GPU and have tried both settings in case one of them got messed up.