Troubleshooting really old dead PC. 5 and 6 beeps on ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe

Dec 3, 2018
Everything apparently turns on fine but there is nothing on the screen. It detects a signal but goes immediately to standby.

Initially, before I took everything apart and cleaned it, I was getting 1 long and 2 short. Trying a different graphics card and reseating the RAM did not work. After cleaning the entire PC and reconnecting all the parts, I now receive 5 beeps, and then maybe 15 seconds later 6. Specifically, 2 rapid beeps then 3 short; and 2 rapid 4 short.

I have yet to find out the version of the bios. I don't believe I ever updated it. I can't find any documentation on these beeps. The original manual does not include them.

I have tried resetting the bios by removing the battery and jumping as well.

The CPU is an AMD 64 939 socket. And I just noticed the nforce4 SLI chipset fan is not spinning, maybe something to do with the initial beep code?


king of rock

Aug 8, 2011
*Computer gives 1 short beep when system boots successfully.
*Except for beep code 8, these codes are always fatal.

1 beep Refresh failure
2 beeps Parity error
3 beeps Base 64K memory failure
4 beeps Timer not operational
5 beeps Processor error
6 beeps 8042 - gate A20 failure
7 beeps Processor exception interrupt error
8 beeps Display memory read/write failure
9 beeps ROM checksum error
10 beeps CMOS shutdown register read/write error
11 beeps Cache memory bad

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