Question Troubleshooting (sometimes) long boot ups with ssd

May 13, 2019
I'm asking for help here because I don't know what to do now except, formatting the pc.
Let me explain what happens when I turn on the pc:
  1. Everything turns on: MB, GC, fans, LEDs, all I/O devices
  2. Classic BIOS window (press F2 to access BIOS..) that expires in 3 seconds, as it is supposed to do
  3. The press F2 to.. is replaced by a loading wheel, all I/O devices are shut down (LEDs turn off) but not the MB, GC, fans and PC's LEDs
  4. This goes on for more than one minute, until all I/O devices turnes back on and immediately after Windows 10 log in happens and everything works fine
  1. This started some months ago, it is not supposed to happen, I can't identify an event (such as a new device) that might have caused the issue
  2. It doesn't happen all the times (90%+ maybe?), I can't 100% force it to work correctly but, when it does, it only takes 5 seconds, or less, to boot up
  3. I tried a lot of scenarios by unplugging the diffent I/O devices but I cna't find a pattern, I'm only sure that is always happens if I restart the pc
  4. I thought it could have been my usb ports not shutting down with my pc, but I changed it via BIOS and the problem is still present
  5. I tried some WPR analysis regarding the boot phase and everything seems ok, only the postboot lasts 50 seconds (the previous phases only a couple of seconds each) but this involves auto runs processes and I'm sure the 1+ minutes of loading (which is before the Windows log in) happens before. Basically this "black out" isn't recorded at all
  6. All my drivers are up to date and there isn't a singol problem when the PC is turned on
  7. MB is an ASUS z170, GC is an NVIDIA 1050ti, only one hdd/ssd connected. Nothing out of the ordinary with my machine, just a normal home pc
Is there something that I can try? Can you guess the source of the problem?


We're going to need more info. Please list your specs like so:
OS: I'm assuming you're on Windows 10, if so, which version of the OS are you on?

Are you on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard? Apart from the wattage of the PSU, we're going to need the make and model of the unit and it's age.