Question Troubleshooting sudden fps problems

Feb 22, 2019
I was playing metro exodus 2 days ago and the performance was sketchy. Jumping from 60fps to high 40s. So I thought I would see if there was an nvidia driver update and there was. It was 418.91 so I applied it, and then metro would not launch at all. Initially, I thought it was metro since that also updated the same day.

After some time of trying to figure out what was going wrong, my PC started crashing, in a continuous loop. I started in safe mode uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it. This worked and allowed metro to launch. However, then the issue was I was only getting about 15-20 fps no matter which game I launch.

The next morning I saw that driver 419.17 was out so I used DDU and applied the new driver. It did not work, no game that I launch is running above 25 fps. Does anyone have suggestions? Should I try an older driver? I want to say that I had 417.22 before but I can't remember. I am looking at system resource allocation and it looks like CPU is sitting around 40% and GPU is also around 40% and memory is at like 33%.

I've tried several drivers at this point and none of them are fixing the issue. Does anyone have other suggestions to try?

For reference specs are:
i5-4690k overclocked to 4.2GHz
GTX 1070 8gb,
HyperX fury 16gb ddr3
EVGA G2 550w
Running games in 1080p