Question True (!) Number Generator on Raspberry PI? If so: Software for display (50/50, Dice distribution, etc.)?

Tobias Claren

Dec 26, 2013

Does the Raspberry Pi contain a real "true random number generator"?
Really true, not just very complex based on a lot of data (network traffic, time etc.).
For example, there are some Android apps called "True Random Generator".
But do Android devices have a real hardware "TRNG" onboard ...?!

A real TRNG uses quantum electron tunneling like this device:
Roger Nelson (Princeton, PEAR, Global Consciousness Project) named this device to me. Princeton still uses it in the "Global Consciousness Project".

It is important that the coincidence comes from such a small physical / quantum physical source.
No wall of lava lamps, no background radiation from the universe, and no mouse movements etc.
And no combination of network traffic, time etc (pseudo random generator).

If a Raspberry Pi fulfills this requirement, has a real true random number generator, then I am looking for software to use.

I don't want random numbers for encryption, games etc.
It should be software that logs the distribution and displays it live.
Just like Princeton University's PEAR did.

E.g. two sides:
50.15% .|.49.85%

Random distribution over time is the minimum.

RPi is a simple single-board computer. Where do you think "true random" events will come from?

Build your software. Analyze existing random generators, to conclude whether they are good or not. And if you are not happy with the randomness, start looking around for "true" generator.

Tobias Claren

Dec 26, 2013
Where do you think "true random" events will come from?
From the hardware on it:
"The Raspberry Pi (A / A + / B / B + / and 2) includes a hardware based random number generator that promises to provide the fastest, best source for the typical users to obtain cryptographic quality random numbers in an extremely small portable package . "

Raspberry Pi and its Hardware Random Number Generator (RNG):


So I'm looking for software like head or tails representation.

I can't program.
If there is no ready-made software, I have to look online for a freelancer.
But first, I would ask if a computer science professor in Switzerland programs this for free...

I also think it's bad that not every child learns programming from elementary school.
That is more important than history as a school subject.
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