TrueHD audio on next gen nvidia gtx?


Aug 19, 2011
Ok so from what I understand there are no TrueHD and DTS Master Audio support for GTX 570 or 580, only ATI and 560 (fermi) support it. I can use PCM I know, but.. (long story) naah, not really by preference.

So - seems like i'm in a deadlock situation here right? If I want nvidia card, and want the best of the best - it doesn't really exist - I'm forced to make a compromise nomatter what.

Which lead me to the conclusion: Wait for the next gen gpu (670 or 680) to be released.

But then again.. will the new 670 or 680 support this? Because if it won't then Nvidia have forced me to finally bypass their products after a long and good marriage :/.

any rumors or whatever is appreciated. Thanks