Try Out 'For Honor' In The Open Beta, February 9-12

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Jul 10, 2010
I legit loved the closed beta on PC. I had to take breaks to let the adrenalin surges pass. I could feel the beads of sweat running down my torso. The combat just felt so visceral. I always felt like... there was a chance I could pull out a victory.

I connected with the raider character far more than any other. I loved the pace of the combat. There's enough to be able to jump right in and feel effective, with enough room to grow into an elite player. I need more playtime to be sure.

It'll be interesting to see how beefy the single player campaign is and exactly how they handle the in-game shop (heard its similar in ways to R6 Siege, so we'll see.

Of all the titles and DLCs releasing in February-April timeframe, this one has me the most excited. I can still pass it up quite easily if I don't like what I see outside of multiplayer.

I didn't have any sort of connection issues except a few here and there during Dominion matches. I like how it handles that, pausing combat until connection issues resolve themselves, or just end the match. There's no fun in a lengthy, buggy match that might go on forever with little or no reward at the end.


This open beta is giving me a pleasant surprize, it runs quite well despite being a beta, my old i5 2400 is not breaking a sweat and my 1060 is pushing 60 fps@1440p at maximum settings.
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