Question Tryin to figure out frame drops in all games which are not sustained but occur frequently

Mar 13, 2019
Hi !
Since the past week I have been experiencing frame drops in apex legends and just cause 3. Earlier this wasn't a problem but I recently started having this frame drop issue . I also played titanfall 2 and watch dogs 2 and did not have the problem in these games. But that was before the issue popped up. I uninstalled these games thinking storage was an issue. Now only two games I have are apex legends and just cause 3. In apex legends the frames keep dropping from 110 to 35-40 almost every minute for 5-6 seconds and then the fps rises back to normal. Earlier I could easily get 110-120 fps on the same settings I'm using now.

I am using an Asus gl503ge with i5 8300h and GTX 1050 TI . I ran a benchmark test on userbenchmark. My CPU, SSD , GPU and RAM are working fine except my HDD where it says its performing below expectations. I defrag-ed my HDD , scanned for malware using McAfee and Malwarebytes. No threats were found.
And also just in case you think , the thermals are also fine and cpu isn't bottlenecking my gpu. While playing gpu usage is at 99-100 %. CPU temps are around 68-70 C and GPU temp is around 63-65 C.

I don't know what to do and how to fix this issue. Please provide a solution.
Thank You.