Question Trying to achieve 5.0GHz on my Gigabyte Z390 AORUS + i9-9900KF. Voltage is reading higher than what I set in BIOS.

Jun 15, 2022
Hi all, here's my specs:


Multiplier is set to 50 and VCore is set to 1.335. Here's my BIOS settings:


  1. I disabled Speed Step and EIST
  2. I disabled C-States
  3. I set Ring Ratio to 47
  4. I disabled Ring to Core Offset (Down Bin)
  5. AC/DC Load Line is set to Auto
  6. AVX Offset is set to 1

Here's my problem:


Everything except for CPU-Z is showing wildly higher voltages than what I have set in the BIOS. BIOS is at 1.335. AIDA64 is showing 1.392. OCCT is showing 1.394-1.396.

I followed the guide here to the best of my ability:

Why are my voltages off the charts on AIDA64 and OCCT?

Could really use some guidance on what to do from here. I'm kind of afraid to run a stress test with these voltages.
A few thoughts on the matter:
  • From what I gather, VID is what the CPU requested, VCore is what the CPU got. VID may also change anyway depending on load.
  • Software measurements may not be that accurate and what's reported depends entirely on the implementation of how the reading was sampled
  • The difference between 1.335 and 1.38-1.39 is only 4%, hardly what I'd call "off the charts"
  • The maximum VCore is 1.5V, so as long as you're not approaching that, it's fine
Jun 15, 2022
Thanks a lot for that distinction. I didn't really know what VID meant, I thought it was just synonymous with VCore.

So, the VCore value in the lower half of the OCCT screenshot, under the motherboard section, is the correct VCore?

The difference between 1.335 and 1.38-1.39 is only 4%, hardly what I'd call "off the charts"

You're right. I was reading in the guide that I was following not to go over 1.35. So I kind of freaked out when I saw VID (not knowing what it actually meant) going over that threshold.

Going to try and stabilize the overclock tomorrow.