Question Trying to boot old PC


Dec 20, 2018
I have quite gotten out of the PC game for many years now. I am trying to boot up my old gaming pc to look at blueprints online. I remember it worked 4 years ago, but I didnt really have any use for it so I parked it.

Now I have it plugged in, have it hooked up to a keyboard and mouse, with my old monitor. When the pc is off, the monitor power button flashes. Same as when it is on. But if I unplug the hdmi from the GPU, the power butting stays solid lit, and eventually displays to check signal cable, so I plug hdmi back in and it displays that it is in digital power saving mode for a few seconds then back to power button blinking.

When I turn on the pc, it sounds like it is on, all the lights and fans seem normal including the GPU.

I have:

Asus p6t se.
Ati radeon HD 5870.
WD200 caviar x 2
WD360 Raptor x2
Intel processor I cant remember what it is. I think 2.8 ghz quad core.
Corsair ram 2gb x3 = 6gb total
LG computer monitor

I built it in 2010 give or take and it was a beast back then, but it never performed as good as I had wanted it to. So I kinda just put it on the back burner and used it to surf the internet and facebook then once smartphones got bigger I put baby in a corner for a few years and now really just want to use it to look at emails and blueprints.

Thanks in advance for any and all help you can give me.

I just want to see if we can turn it on.