[SOLVED] Trying to buy a cheap 600 AUD streaming/gaming machine but having difficulty!

Oct 8, 2018
I am going to buy a low budget gaming and streaming system for around $600 AUD excluding peripherals. The system should be able to run fortnite at 144hz(I don't care about the quality of the game although 1080p would be nice), be able to be overclockable and be able to have multiple windows up and running while streaming.

Here is what i have thought so far on what to do:
Buy the Intel Xeon X5675(75AUD)
Gigabyte motherboard GA-X58A-UD3R (150AUD)
16gb of Kingston ddr3 1666 ram, 2 sticks. (120 AUD)
600 watt power supply (60 AUD)
1tb 7200rpm seagate hard drive(55 AUD)
120gb SSD, I dont mind which brand (preferably 35 AUD)
Some cheap AIO liquid cooling (75 AUD)
some cheap pc case (50 AUD)
A Used graphics card (Gone over budget)

Thanks for the help,


As much as I'd like to offer you a solution the reality is that prices for all technology in Australia are astronomical. When prices come down in other parts of the world, we do not see those price drops. Take graphics cards for example. Almost all of them are still at the maximum prices they hit during the crypto bubble, and that burst months ago.

Are the prices you quoted confirmed, or speculative (Guesses or only what you want to pay).

Having said all that I can help you out with some of those parts. I'm not allowed to advertise or push parts here on Toms, so if you want more details drop me a PM Tuesday morning AEDST time.
Oct 8, 2018

The price of the motherboard, CPU, ram, the power supply, the hard drive and the SSD are all confirmed whereas the price of the liquid cooler, graphics card and case aren't.

PM=personal message?