Question Trying to choose a monitor from among a selection of 27" 1080p 144/165HZ ones


Jun 17, 2015
Hello, i am looking to buy a monitor for gaming (and web browsing) and i have come across these available ones. Which one should i choose ? any advice is welcome, thanks.

It seems like MSI MAG273 and LG 27GN600/27GN650-B have the best ratings overall on rtings, so i think i will consider one of them. (unfortunetly neither of them is curved, no dealbreaker but i would like to try it) the VG279Q1A seems to be as good.
Listed from cheapest to most expensive (~28$ difference between the first 230$ and last 258$)

MSI OPTIX G271 | 27" | 144Hz IPS

Dell S2721HGF | 27" | 144Hz| Curved VA

MSI Optix G27C6///G27C5/// G27C7 | 27" | 165Hz| Curved VA ( Seems like G27C5 has better rating on rtings than G27C6)

MSI OPTIX MAG273 | 27" | 144Hz IPS

AOC (C27G1) | 27" | 144Hz| Curved VA

ASUS TUF VG279Q1A | 27" | 165Hz| IPS

Viewsonic VX2719-PC-MHD | 27" | 240Hz| Curved VA?

ASUS TUF VG279QR | 27" | 165Hz| IPS

GIGABYTE G27FC | 27" | 165Hz| Curved VA

LG 27GN600 | 27" | 144Hz IPS
I will say that I think 27 inch is a sweet spot. I actually have a 32 inch gigabyte 1440p screen. Nice monitor but a bit too big. Just bought an aoc 27 inch 1440p screen and plan on selling my gigabyte monitor.

Prior I had a 27 inch hp 1080p 144hz. Good monitor but sometimes you could see the stretching a bit. If you go 1440p there’s definitely clarity as opposed to 1080p. On the other hand 1080p is cheaper to run since you can get by with cheaper gpus.
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