[SOLVED] Trying to clean install Windows 7 but PC keeps crashing/freezing/rebooting


Jun 22, 2017
Hi everyone.
As the title states, can anyone help me with my problem?

It’s a Lenovo AIO PC, B500

Had problems for a very long time (around 2 years) about constant crashing and freezing/hang when using my PC and thought that it was due to my HDD problem.

So I went out to purchase and new HDD yesterday and wanted to try a clean install of windows 7. But to my horror, nothing changed, my PC is still crashing and freezing constantly. Since it’s a new HDD, when I’m trying to install windows 7, normally at the “expanding windows files” stage my PC would give me problems.
Up to now. I have already 2 different types of BSOD.

Steps I have taken to try to dignose the problem,
MemTest86, tried 1 card at a time, I have 2x2GB cards, found out 1 of the slots is faulty, so I can only run my PC on 2GB of ram. Both ram sticks no problem.
Windows memory diagnostics, same, no problem.
0x00000101 bug check is:
This indicates that an expected clock interrupt on a secondary processor, in a multi-processor system, was not received within the allocated interval.
for anylising *101 bug check, u will need to provide kernel dumps.

given your BSOD during windows install, this is absolutely hardware fault, most of *101 BSODs are faulty processor

u can u try reset CMOS batery tho