[SOLVED] Trying to connect console to Asus monitor. Displays no HDMI signal


Sep 23, 2016
Hello I am hoping someone can help me. I've tried searching for an answer. But no luck yet. I am really frustrated with this issue. I am trying to hook up my Nintendo Switch to my PC monitor so I can play Breath of the Wild on it. Just to kill some time. This Asus Monitor is still fairly new. It was given to me by my brother. I needed a new monitor because I have an old PC that only supports VGA. I wanted to play some games via HDMI on the monitor because I know most people play their games on their monitors. Like their PS4, Xbox One, etc. I am wondering if I can get someone to help me solve my issue. I have the official Nintendo HDMI cable. It works on my TV. But I have it currently plugged into the back of the HDMI monitor and the Nintendo Switch as well. "While docked" I am not picking up a signal from my Switch onto my monitor. Does anyone know a fix that I can do to get this working? I've looked all over, no answers, nothing. It seems like everyone including my self is having the same problem. I only have one HDMI port on the back on my monitor. And one VGA and one DVI. My Model number is VS228. I'm hoping someone can help me solve the problem.

Now the weird thing is when my brother hooks up his laptop to the monitor via capture card. The Monitor detects the Nintendo Switch just fine. And its playable through a laptop and a capture card. But I am not going to buy a laptop and a capture card just to play the Switch. Thank you if someone gives me any advice.


Few suggestions from here i'll quote https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/social/questions/detail/qid/48742/~/nintendo-switch-hdmi-not-working./comment/9645

plug the power in to a wall socket, not a powerbar
in settings on the switch - tv settings - make sure all options are set to automatic and turn off "match tv power state"
How to turn off match tv power state:

In case the Switch is trying to wake up the monitor but cant because monitor doesn't have Hdmi cec so Switch remains asleep? Capture card might be disrupting this feature and Switch wakes up. Just a guess.

Not sure why a power board would cause problems but connecting the dock straight to a power socket seems to work for some people.


Other more obvious suggestion is check the correct input is selected on the monitor.