Question Trying to connect HDMI ARC speakers to a TV with a HDMI port


Dec 27, 2008
Hello all,

I picked these speakers, these Philip 2.1 HDMI ARC speakers hoping I would have an easy setup, but wasn't happening. I tried just about every option and just couldn't get it to work. I was hoping I could just connect the speakers to my HDMI port on my TV, but I think it is just able to get sound coming into the TV. Sound out to the speakers is not possible, so I'm thinking, scratch that, guessing. I'm hoping there's a rather simple connector to make the connection work. My system is rather simple and I'm just trying to make it work. It's a bedroom setup and I don't need anything that would impress the neighbors 3 houses over.

My two items here is a Samsung 5 Series 550, can provide model # if needed, and a Philips htl1520b, which is a 2.1 setup. I kinda did a search to see if there might be a firmware update on the TV, but I didn't find anything. I really don't think they work on that, right? There are USBs connections and also an hdmi/dvi connection, but I think main one would be the one to go for?

Thanks for reading this and I would appreciate any and all input on what you have to say.