Question Trying to decide on a new gaming monitor

Jan 7, 2019
I've been looking to get a new gaming monitor to go with my new system. Below are my spec/uses. I was originally considering an MSI monitor. This one but then I saw that Rocksoul, which appears to be a new maker that uses Samsung panels, has a similar monitor that is widescreen. The only down side is it is 4.8ms vs 1ms with the MSI. My questions has anyone heard of these and for my more casual uses will I notice the difference between 4.8ms and 1ms? Or is widescreen worth the extra benefit?

AMD 3700X
MSI Mech 5700XT
MSI x570 gaming edge wifi
32GB Gskill Trident Z
Corsair RMX 650
Meshify C
Windows 10

Uses: I mostly play games, some word processing and browsing. I've got my old 1080 monitor for when widescreen or curved in no good for some things. The games I play are both Battle Fronts, SWTOR, Minecraft, and legacy games like Empire at War and Kotor. I'll also be getting AOE 2 Definitive edition when it comes out in a couple days. Will the widescreen aspect ration affect performance like resolution does? Will I be able to run the more demanding games and ultra with preferably around 60-70fps? Also would there be issues with the widescreen ration and the legacy games?

Edit: This is the Rocksoul monitor-

It looks like I can get this AOC (I am not very familiar with AOC) for the the same price it isn't widescreen but has 1 ms response time.

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