Question Trying to find prices for older equipment

Apr 16, 2020
I'm pretty much starting a whole new build, but I have been buying parts one by one and adding them to my current system as I go. I'm finally capping off my new build with a new motherboard, processor, and case. To help alleviate some of the cost though, I'm trying to sell the CPU and motherboard for my build. The CPU is an i5-7600 and the motherboard is a B250M Pro-VDH. I couldn't do any overclocking cause of the CPU and I never had any problems with installing any of the new parts that I have in my build now. I'm trying to find a good estimate to sell these two components, but I'm not finding any good leads as to how much I can get for trying to sell these. I have had them both since the beginning of 2018 and never has my computer crashed or failed to boot. Is there a good site or reference I can use to help find these prices? Does anyone know of a fair price point for them to begin with? (I can answer questions about usage and current state to help with pricing)