Question Trying to get my RAM to work properly

Aug 27, 2019
Hello everybody,

I've built a PC a couple of months ago. It's been working fine ever since, but I've encountered a little problem to which I haven't found any solution yet. After updating my BIOS to P 4.20 verison a few weeks ago, I couldn't help but notice strange micro-stuttering and freezing that occured while I played the Witcher 3. Ever since I built this PC, I've run my memory at 3000MHz as an XMP profile. Figured that it would make my system run faster or whatnot. Nonetheless, the freezing in that game in particular has grown more irritating. Then I dropped the speed to the basic 2133MHz and oh my! Everything ran smoothly. Not a single stutter, not a single freeze! Only that I know, RAM speed matters. Heard that overclocked RAM led more heat into the processor so it'll be fine if my RAM runs at only 2666 which as I reckon not at all bad. My system seems to be powerful enough to support higher RAM speed:

i5 9600k
G. Skill DDR4 16Gb
AsRock Pro4 Z390

I'm not fluent with all UEFI configurations including overclocking. So would you mind leading me through the process?

Thank you.
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