[SOLVED] Trying to help someone set a static public ip.


Jun 29, 2015
Im currently trying to help someone set up a static public ip.

They have CGnat issue and require a static public IP for port forwarding which they have been given from their ISP at an extra charge. They were given the static ip along with a web address which isn't connectable not sure why they were given this.

On their router we set it from dynamic to static in the dropdown and begin to fill in the fields... inputting the new IP they were given but then there is the subnet and default gateway sections where were not sure what to put in there.

I tried running IPconfig/all on their pc to gain the subnet and default gateway they currently have with their dynamic IP but router wouldnt accept it.

Default gateway and LAN IP address must not belong to the same subnet."

Any ideas what we should do next or do we need to obtain the default gateway and the subnet from the ISP aswell ?
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