Question Trying to install a new SSD (update BIOS?)

Sep 10, 2021

I'm trying to install a new SSD into my ASUS GL752V
The SSD is: V-NAND SSD 860 EVO SATA M.2 (1TB from Samsung)
According to the information I found this should be compatible with my laptop and should basicly be plug & play.

Unfortunately for me it is not plug & play.
I can not get my PC to recognize the SSD, not via Disk mgmt nor BIOS.

My guess was that perhaps my BIOS was outdated and needed to be updated.
  • BIOS-version: American Megatrends Inc. GL752VW.300, 13-7-2017
  • BIOS-modus: UEFI
  • Product: GL752VW
Now I can not find a single instruction on how to update my BIOS that does not rely on the use of EZ Flash.
My Bios does not give me the option to select EZ Flash?!


Could someone please help me out:
  1. Is the SSD compatible with my Mobo or should I just return it while I can?
  2. How or which instructions can I follow to update my Mobo?
  3. Am I missing something as to why my laptop won't recognize the SSD?
Thanks in advance for any help I might receive on this.
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Sep 10, 2021
If you highlight start easy flash and hit enter what happens?
Well ... doing that makes me feel stupid mainly 💫.
I shortly went through it first time but it didn't look like the EZ flash thing that i saw in YT instructions.

Anyways I could browse to my download folder via Easy Flash and install the new BIOS ... I'm now on version American Megatrends Inc. GL752VW.303, 29/04/2019.
Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Unfortunately the SSD still doesn't get recognized so I'll start looking for a different reason than an outdated BIOS.
Sep 10, 2021
So, I read up some more and I think I won some kind of lottery.
The old SSD in the laptop was:
  • P/N: MZVLV128HCGR-00000
  • Model: MZ-VLV1280
  • MSIP - REM - SEC - MZ - VLV5120
  • Rated: DC + 3.3v 2.7A
Which would be a PCIe

Whereas some threads on the ASUS forum claims it works only with SATA M2 SSD's:

Now it turns out there are 2 variations and I would guess I got the PCIe variation. Yay me 🥂
I'm guessing the only option i got is to return the 860 EVO SSD and to get something similar that works with PCIe.

If anyone has a suggestion for a good SSD PCIe ... always welcome.