Trying to Install Adobe Flash Player


Dec 16, 2010
OK you are in XP forum so I'll guess thats your OS. I suppose you have IE8

Are you getting the
"INTERNET EXPLORER has closed to help PROTECT your computer" message? You do not provide much info but I have had a similar thing.
The help dropdown in this error message IE page said goto Start - control panel - system maintenance - system - advanced sytem settings - performance - settings - Data Prevention tab. It said turn on D E P for all services EXCEPT those I select. I selected IExplore checked its box and rebooted. This Did Not Help, I still got the "closed explorer to protect" me message. DO NOT DO THIS. If you do its easy to undo.

So I did a google search and Tom's Hardware had the answer for me. It said after many installs and deletions the registry gets full of info and many items are loaded into memory that are no longer needed BUT they use memory addresses that IE may want to also use. I am not gifted enough to edit my registry.
A poster said disable the memory protection feature in IE. I don't know if this is good advise but I did it and IE8 works great now.

TRY THIS ... This is what helped me.
open IE - goto TOOLS - internet options - advanced tab - scroll down to security heading - UNCHECK enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks . I then rebooted windows.
Just 5 steps.

AGAIN I do not know if this is good advise but I can now download stuff in IE8 w/o a browser freeze. If you have good virus protection this may also help you. Its easy to RECHECK and enable this feature so you could even do it on a case by case session. GOOD LUCK BigAl

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