Trying to install XP on 44GB partition on Thinkpad Edge with Windows 7


Jul 14, 2011

I would like to install windows XP on the 44GB partition I made, and have a dual boot system.
But I am having trouble installing Windows XP (SP2).

At first, I just got a blue screen after the disk attempted loading files. Then, I slipstreamed the SATA driver for XP for the EDGE 15 onto the XP installation Disk (There were three .inf files in the driver folder, I only slipstreamed the first one in the "{app}" folder).

This seemed to get me past the problem. I was able to format the 44GB partition the disk began installing. Then the computer restarted to finish the installation.
However, during the XP installation, I got a hang up at 33mins. After repeated tries, I get this hang up every time.

I tried disabling as many unnecessary devices in the Bios as I could, but I still get the same hang up.

I tried to find the problem by opening the command prompt and typing setupapi.log (in D:\Windows, it wouldn't let me get into C: or F: (the 44gb partition))
However, the last entry in the log was "completed successfully". (The guide I followed using "setupapi.log" was for the 34 min hang up. Since mine is 33min maybe its a completely different problem).

Should I try to slipstream all the drivers onto XP installation disk?

Any other suggestions?



Apr 9, 2011
Don't be lazy and slipstream any and ALL drivers regarding your device.
Usually the installation goes XP first, Win7 second, to avoid difficulties.
Any other drivers you've missed or forgotten.

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