Question Trying to move modem and find coax cable.

Jul 14, 2019
I need to find where this coax cable ends. Here's what I've done and what is going on...

I just bought a new house and got Spectum internet. The spectrum person installed my modem in my room on the second floor because theres a working coax outlet in there.
Later, I wanted to move it closer to my computer room(my lan cable is too short and I dont wanna run cable all over). In the spare bedroom is a coax cable outlet. But no signal. I noticed on the other side of the wall in the other room is a outlet cover that I then removed. Behind it was a coax cable extension(which what was sticking out the outlet on the other side.) But also has a coax cable sticking out from the bottom. Theres no signal coming from it. I went outside my house and found the splitter that comes straight from the powerline. Two cables come out, one to my living room, and one to my bedroom.
But where does the cable from the spare bedroom go?!? It looks like it goes straight down through the wall. I dont see it in the basement anywhere.
Is it possible that its cut in the wall somewhere and is completely useless? Or is there a way I can save it?


Yes, there could indeed be some splitter or terminal coax connection left inside the drywall.

Are you able to provide a simple sketch showing all of the coax cable runs, splitters, and outlets?

The sketch would help visualize the areas involved: e.g., "my room on the second floor", "computer room", "spare bedroom", "other room", cable to basement, etc..

Where is the living room coax outlet with respect to the spare bedroom cable going down through the wall?

You may be able to trace the cables with a toner if that does indeed become necessary.

If things are not working get Spectum back to check the installation work.
Should had told the cable guy from the get go, I think he would be nice enough to go the extra mile, now a 2nd call may incur a cost. Cables guys have eyes for these things, they know what to look for. Got a geek in the neighborhood who is always talking about this surround system? he knows.

I wired my own house when I moved in, and made a nice map, hope I get extra$ for it when I sell.