Trying to play Aion in 3D


Jan 31, 2012
Hi, i've played aion for a while, adn was ondering how i can play it in "actual" 3D, not the symmulated 3D.
My computer is more than able to run 3D:
GPU: -its actually a better version than that(twin frozr III), just coolingwise i think.

My TV is:
- came with the glasses as u can see.

well basically i saw this little logo saying "nvidia 3d vision ready" or something, and i was wondering if i HAVE to have the nvidia glasses and whatnot, or am i able to do it with the stuff i already have? As i meantioned above, i can play with the simulated 3D, but i want full 3D.

Thanks or ur time.

That is what I understand, but as I said, that exact model isn't listed as supported, though there are several models which are very close to that one that are listed.