Jun 26, 2014
Is there a way to recover my former version of Windows 10 Pro?
My problem started with me deleting some files Nvidia cache files to fix a completely different problem, the days following I started experiencing some freezing and computer crashes resulting in blue screen errors. Tried to fix those and couldn't so I created a recovery disk on a usb flash drive that was bad apparently. Every time I tried to use that flash drive it got to about 7%, stayed there for hours and finally gave me a message saying there was an error during the installation process (tried that a few times). I asked a friend to help me out so he brought his own USB recovery disk with window's, and worked! But now I have Windows 10 Home active and valid, which is cool, but if there's a way to recover my windows 10 Pro version, I'd like to get back to that.
I don't have my product key because this was a free upgrade from the great "Free Windows 10 Upgrade" days. I've searched the webs and don't seem to see a similar situation is why I'm posting and but I do see lots of threads saying that Microsoft registers windows to your Hardware so I DO have a photo of my old Device Specifications that has my Device ID and Product ID if that's worth anything.
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when you installed your friends copy, did you use his licence key? As that is only way it should have installed home and activated it. If you had known better, you should have selected "I don't have a key" and since win 10 had already been on PC, it would have auto activated on install.

On your last install, was your user linked to an email account you gave Microsoft when you upgraded?
If so, its likely your licence is also linked to that email address.

I have a feeling you may be best talking directly to Microsoft as they are the only ones who can fix activation problems.

It is likely that key you have wouldn't work but as I said, check with MS first. It might just be a simple matter of entering key but I would make sure first :)