Question Trying to run a second line from my ISP’s box


Aug 5, 2019
Hi all. So this all started when I found out I couldn’t run my Empyrion server wirelessly. My routers upstairs and my laptop is down in the lower level attached to my tv so I can watch tv off of it without cable.

Anyways, there’s an Ethernet/cable connector that goes through the wall. I also happen to have a cable that runs from the outside of the house through the office where one side of that cable/ethernet connector is that exits right to about where my laptop is.

More of a curiosity than anything, I went to see if that cable that goes outside was hooked up to the interment box. It wasn’t, but it was coiled around inside where I was able to attach it to the splitter i found in the internet box. So I hooked up the cable to one part of the splitter that said “out” while my other cable that goes through the floor into my bedroom was hooked up to another end that didn’t say “out” but it worked so I don’t think anything of it.

I hooked everything up, and I brought my modem downstairs to test it all out. My modem was connected to the other side of the ethernet/cable port right by where my laptop is, I did get it to say “online” and then connected the ethernet cable from my laptop to my modem and....nothing.

I tried troubleshooting all night, I even connected my modem to my router with a 50’ ethernet cable. When they were connected, they sent out a wireless signal that my laptop instantly latched onto and connected without a problem. Therefore I know there is internet going through that cable, but when it’s connected to my modem which is connected to my laptop, I get an “unidentified network” with no connection.

I’ve tried turning off my firewall, uninstalling and reinstalling network adapters, doing some other stuff in command prompt that some other folks online that had this problem said helped.

I tried diagnosing it with windows but, per usual, it wasn’t super useful. It did give me an “ ‘Ethernet’ doesn’t have a valid IP configuration”.

This isn’t a HUGE problem, but it would be great to be able to run my server from down in my man cave or watch tv streams on my laptop without having to get my cable roller out holding my 50’ ethernet every time I want a reliable connection. I can provide some logs from the network diagnostics