Question Trying to set up a Multiboot USB using YUMI


Oct 13, 2016
I'm having some trouble setting up a completely working multiboot USB using YUMI, mostly when I try and set up Windows related options.

I'd like to have both a bootable Windows PE install, and also a number of Windows installers to boot from as well. Windows PE and any Windows installer (10/7) are added, they work fine by themselves, but as soon as I try and add another option (whether it's Windows PE or an installer) and they are on the USB at the same time, one or both have problems booting.

I guess I'm also just not sure which combination of options to choose from the dropdown may remedy my issue. There are options for both single/multiple Windows PE and Installer options, and also options for both wimboot and mbrboot.

Can anyone help me get this up and running? Or is it impossible to have both a PE install and installers on the same USB?
It doesn't work because they all boot in the same way so they can't be told from each other.
What you should do is make one USB with windows to go and then store the contest of the installation DVDs to separate folders,they are image files that you can restore to drives with imageX using command line from your windows to go flash disk.