Question Trying to set up my R7000 router as a wireless adapter

Apr 22, 2018
Hello, I'm currently using an old 2.4ghz adapter that is giving me issues with ping and speeds. I have a Nighthawk R7000 router that I'm not using because we're using the modem/wifi router AIO provided by the isp. How can I have it set so that I use my R7000 as a wifi adapter for my computer in order to take advantage of its 5ghz network speeds?
The feature you want is called client-bridge. Not sure what that router calls it. I have seen people say you can use it as a repeater which means it has the client-bridge ability. You could just use it as a repeater but it would be best if you could only use the part the receives the data and does not re transmit it. Be careful there are 2 kinds of bridges. It is really common for a router to have bridge mode which is "server" mode where the device acts as a AP. You want client mode where it acts as a end device.

Worst case I suppose is you can load third party firmware like dd-wrt on the device since that one has a client-bridge option. I would not go the third party firmware router unless you tired everything else. It tends to be tedious at times to get the correct software image especially if your router has multiple hardware revisions that need different files.