Trying to set up Windows XP on Dell Optiplex GX620 - driver issues

Hello all,
Thanks to Napa here in town getting new computers and a new server for upstairs, some of the employees were given the opportunity to take home the older computers and equipment. Yes, they removed the hard drives before letting us take them.

Anyways, I got this computer booting with Windows XP Professional SP3 on it, but I'm having issues finding drivers for certain devices. This seems odd to me, mostly because of the fact that it's designed for Windows XP and if I go to, search Drivers and put in the service tag, I can see all the drivers and software utilities for this computer. Problem is, after installing all the available drivers from, I still have no audio. Also, something called SM Bus Controller is also missing a driver.

I haven't installed all updates yet, so I don't have a search on the taskbar yet, and searching from Explorer takes an eternity, so I just opened Run and typed in devmgmt.msc to get to Device Manager. Once in Device Manager, I noticed that helpful little Other Devices category, inside there, there's a device named Multimedia Audio Controller, and another named SM Bus Controller.

If I click on one and hit to update drivers, it'll search online for about two minutes and tell me that no driver was found.

The audio device carries the following Hardware ID's:

The SM Bus Controller carries the following Hardware ID's:

Thanks in advance to everybody that at least attempts to help me! :)
SMBus is part of the Intel chipset driver package:
Audio should be this:

*Dell site is curious; when going to the service tag number, not all drivers are shown. If you browse to the general product model you see more of them. In your case:

It seems to me they show drivers specific to that particular variant but not the ones common to all of that model when you search a service tag - why, I have no idea.

In the device manager, also look under "display adapters." If you haven't already installed a graphics driver and it says something like "generic display adapter" rather than a specific brand (Intel, Nvidia, ATi or other) then go through the video drivers in the last link (there's multiple versions)
If you still have problems with finding the audio driver for the motherboard it is likely a realtek audio chip used.

Simply down load or search for the realtek ac97 audio driver, codec for windows xp or the realtek HD audio codec.


Thanks for the help. I did get the display adapter driver from and then a newer version came through Windows Update.

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