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Aug 5, 2017
Okay, so I had the Corsair Commander Core running six rad fans.
Then add the Corsair Commander Core XT running five additional fans.
Setup was great, I synced all the fans so that with every increase temp in the coolant level, the rpms increased.

Then attempted the LCD screen upgrade and now iCue won't even acknowledge the CC on the dashboard, yes, I have tried everything and even contacting Corsair, garbage!!

So here's where my major brain fart comes in, I purchased an MSI Meg cooler and got the software and of course it's easy enough to configure for coolant temps and have the fans adjust appropriately.
BUT, as it seems as though I am going all black now with the fans, (bye bye clown puke) I already have some NZXT Lighting, just swap out the Corsair fans for NZXT fans and use the Cam software to control them.
Problem is, as the MSI unit is connected to the cooling, the NZXT fans of course won't know to ramp up accordingly.

How could I go about connecting the hub for the NZXT fans so that they would increase and decrease speed according to the coolant temp. despite the fact that I am not using an NZXT rad.
Yes, I do have six sys_fan spots on my board, but when I go into the BIOS it only allows certain set speeds, OR for the temp of the cpu and I would rather have it flux with the gpu.
Hopefully that makes sense.
And thanks.
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Fan is a fan. Brand doesn't matter in the slightest. If they are all 4pin PWM, that's all that matters. You can control nzxt fans just as easily as the msi fans, or the Corsair fans (if they plugged in). Don't need Cam for the nzxt fans, the msi software will do all, it cannot tell the difference. All it sees is pwm %, which is something You must take into account for, and any differences in speeds. A 1000rpm fan at 50% is 500rpm, a 1500rpm fan at the same 50% pwm signal is 750rpm. Etc.

Some fans might bottom out at 20% pwm, some bottom out at 15%, so you'd want to set the fans to bottom out at 21% so that all remain spinning, not at 15-16% as the low, or half the fans will come to a complete stop at idle. My Asus software has fan optimization, if used it'll test each fan for its operating range, that way fan curves can be set per fan, any mixed grouping can be adjusted to cover all fans regardless of range.
So here's where my major brain fart comes in, I purchased an MSI Meg cooler
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