Question Trying to use a 'Corsair CS750M' PSU to light 12v Led arcade buttons

Sep 21, 2021
Hi Everyone, I would be grateful if anyone could help me out, I have no clue about PSU's. I am building an arcade machine for my children and I am trying to work out how to light up the buttons. I have a 'Corsair CS750M' PSU in my pc and 12 volt Led buttons which I want to light ,daisy chained with a Molex connector at the end. Could anyone tell me a safe way to power the lights please? I'm not sure if Its safe to buy a sata to molex adapter and plug it in to one of the sata connections on the sata power cable? I would be very grateful for any help, I don't want to burn my house down! many thanks, Craig


Hi Jay, Thanks for your reply.

The problem I have is there are no Molex connectors in my PC, just sata connections?
If you don't need the SATA plug on that PSU for the could cut it off and put the LED between the yellow and black.
If you need the SATA plug for the future....get a SATA to molex adapter and put it on the end and cut the molex off and put the LED between the yellow and black


I have this sort of thing in my PC from my PSU. So I would be ok to get an adapter to go from one of these connections to molex? and then power my lights from that?

Thanks for your patients, I am completely new to this.
That's what I'm getting at.
You could either cut the cable coming from the power supply....but being the wires are all black you would have to figure out which are the "yellow and black"......and make sure the rest are capped off.


Get one of these....
and put it on the end and get to the yellow and black that way.