Question Trying to use Lenovo Flex 5 14 as a Tablet for my PC

Feb 8, 2019
Hello Everyone,

I have a Lenovo Flex 5 transformer laptop, which I quite like. However, it is not powerful enough for me to use it's touch screen and pen functionality for sculpting in Blender. Thus, I decided I wanted to try and turn it into a tablet for my other PC, which is custom built. Here is the process I went through and the issues I have ran into:

I have used Remote Desktop Connect to connect my Lenovo Laptop to the PC. Everything works fine, the pen sensitivity, the touch functionality - I am able to utilize the input hardware of my Lenovo laptop to control my PC. However, I have ran into trouble when I tried installing drivers for my Lenovo Active Pen. I have 2 buttons on my Lenovo Active Pen and I require them in order to utilize the pen correctly in programs like Blender and other programs.

  1. I installed the Lenovo Pen Setting APP from the following link (
  2. I opened the app after installing it, and it prompted me with the following: View:
"This App Requires the Wacom Pen Driver to be installed"
  1. I click on the provided link and go to the following page, where I download the driver:
  2. I install the driver, but the following error pops up: View:
" A supported tablet was not found on this system"

And that's where I am stuck currently. I tried installing various Wacom tablet drivers on my PC, but they never show up in the Device manager.

Any and all help would be appreciated!!