News TSMC & Samsung Foundry Could Build Leading-Edge Fabs in Europe


Jan 13, 2021
Awesome go for it! At least they won’t have to worry about the power going out due to some minor weather event. Plus I’d feel better sending my money abroad than to some fascist red state.


Mar 16, 2020
I don't know if it is sustainable man. Currently they have fabs in Asia and now EU and US wants their fabs in their locations too. Running a fab is not cheap, and honestly, I am not sure if the demand will continue to be hot in the long run. The last thing these fabs want is a lot of idle resources. In my opinion, US wants TSMC on their soil because they are worried that China may try and retake Taiwan and thus, impacting their chip supply. I am sure TSMC is very attractive to China now given their fabs have been nerfed big time by US, and neither do they have access to cutting edge nodes over at TSMC and Samsung.
I live in Europe. I can't say I have some big insight in all this, except what I read on media and my personal experience. And my impression is...

Europe has totally failed in hi-tech electronics. Maybe some labs in Europe have "plans" and "test projects" (you get the idea), but all that is worthless if not brought to market to end consumers as a final product.
Once "big names" in European electronic industry totally lost the grip and heavy depend on foreign (Asian) technology. As for consumer market, most European "electronics companies" are actually only gluing imported components together and stamp their brand name on final product.

Yes, Europe should be interested on getting latest hi-tech facilities from elsewhere. Is the only way to be in touch with latest technology and learn from it -otherwise, Europe will literary become "old continent".