Question Tuf gt301 - The fans don't spin they just turn on the light

Oct 25, 2020
Try replacing the fans . DO you have extra ones around ?
thanks for your answer bro, sorry Its my firs pc by myself and Im noob in it.
It was so easy, I studied how work the controller ( )

I only had to connect ( ) to my sys_fan extencion and I was all :)

the cable GDV is for my pc controller the fan leds but I think it is not posible in my mother board :S


You have ARGB fans. That means you have a fan with a addressable light glued to it. Fan control is 1 thing, lighting control another. 1 wire does not operate both.

The big plugs with 0x00 are the argb lighting. All those go to the controller. The controller will need 3 other wires, one for power and one to the switch and one to the motherboard (power is bottom, motherboard is data, SW is switch)

That's lighting.

Fans is just as easy, the small connector on all the fans goes to the motherboard to a sys_fan header. Or to a different splitter/hub.

Some of those case fans are not designed to be controlled, they only spin at max speed, so are setup to be connected by a splitter directly to Sata power and not the motherboard.
Don't think of the fans as being just 1 system, it's 2.
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