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Saint 92

Feb 11, 2012
I am conidering getting a tuner card so that I do not need a tv for bedroom. Here's the card

Diamond TVW750USB HD 750 USB TV Tuner

It is about 50 bucks. I am not sure if it is a good card or not, and secondly not sure about tuner cards in general.
It looks like it has a coax ftype, so I am not sure how it is going to produce high def. My question is does my video card reproduce the high def? I have a samsung 23in monitor that can do high def, but uses DVI. the card will connect vai usb.

Another question is I presume that all I do to change the channel is use my cable box and remote. Is there any other software I need to tell my monitor it is a tv, or does the card do that?

Anyway, any info about tuner cards will be appreciated.



The tuner card connects to the pc via usb, the pc connects to the monitor via hdmi or vga or dvi (depending one what your pc and tv both support in common).
Since you mention a cable box then that would connect to the tuner card via coax and you would leave the tuner card on whatever channel the cablebox outputs (2,3, or 4 typically) You will need to install tuner software thats compatible with this tuner. It does come with their software that does work most of the time.
You will not get your encrypted channels and likely none of your HD digital channels as most cable companies encrypt these. You may get your local over the air channels if your cable company put them on the cable for free like they do here.

Be aware that that device will not work with windows 7, any edition. And Diamond has absolutely horrible support so dont expect a new driver... ever.
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