Turbine is Resurrecting Asheron's Call 2 MMORPG

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Aug 24, 2009
Oh hell no! AC2 sucked! I think?

I played Asherons call 1 for many years. And to this day its still the best PvP around. I loved running around on the darktide server and just doing regular things like buying comps or getting repairs. You would see a red dot show up on your radar. Suddenly, your heart instantly begins to race! Death actually means something here. If you die, you had a chance to drop your best armor, weapons and more! That thought makes you react and think differently. And the fact that it was dynamic and tactical as well, just put its PvP into a league of its own. I mean to this day, I still think about this game, lol!

Games like WoW you cant do that. You can sit around and carebear o_O all day long and just get killed over and over by anything. But there is never a chance your going to lose any of your gear and someone will take it. And that takes alot of excitement out of it for me. If your a person that likes a game like Eve, something that actually represents some sort of reality. THen AC was the game for you.

Ill admit, I didnt really give AC2 a chance. Because I was so wrapped up in my guild on AC1. But ill look into it. However, I just remember it as the game engine that I wish AC1 was! It looked nice. But it didnt feel like Asherons Call.


Nov 29, 2012
AC2 had its flaws, sure. But it also had so many of the nitty-gritty old-school MMO aspects that made it great. Some of the bugs were bad, but some actually enhanced the experience or provided an epic hilarity factor. While I don't think this resurrection will lead to a ton of new AC1 subscribers, I know it will at least pull me in for a month or two lol


Oct 6, 2003
I too played AC1 for few years and still think about the fun times I had with it. I was early beta tester for AC2 and alot of the graphics weren't finished yet so some of the buildings and terrains were half rendered. lol

The problem was alot of the AC1 players were expecting AC2 to be the same as AC1 with better graphics. Well, AC2 is very different in terms of game dynamics which caused some frustrations. I played AC2 for a couple of months when it was finally released but like so many of AC1 players we went back to playing AC1.

AC2 would appeal to players who never played AC1 but since WoW was running at full steam they never had enough subs to keep it going.

Glad to see AC1 is still alive and kicking.



Nov 9, 2009
I was so happy they brought it back I have been waiting years for this day. Resubbed today just to play again, you know that game was really epic with the fact that you could also play instruments in the game which they took to LOTRO.


Jun 8, 2007
Ac2 was a cutting edge mmorpg BUT it had many bugs the servers were very unstable the reason why there was not enough subs was most people quit due to servers crashing every 10mins and the devs did not fix it every patch broke more than it fixed.
Also many aspects were not done it was like playing an alpha and paying what did they expect.
[citation][nom]mightymaxio[/nom]^Nice try but AC2 came out in 2002, Star wars Galaxies came out in 2003[/citation]
I wasn't trying anything, and I played both. I remembered them in the wrong order, maybe due to beta. Anyways, SWG was far and away more musical than AC2 was, but they did have instruments and a few tunes that were playable in AC2.


May 31, 2012
AC2 failed because it wasn't AC.

I think what every AC gamer wanted was AC redone with a next gen graphic engine. When they presented us with a completely new set of game mechanics, we went back to play AC.
[quotemsg=11921901,0,761276]AC2 failed because it wasn't AC.

I think what every AC gamer wanted was AC redone with a next gen graphic engine. When they presented us with a completely new set of game mechanics, we went back to play AC. [/quotemsg]

I would have been ok with new mechanics. AC's mechanics were sort of broken in ways.

What killed the mechanics of AC2 for me, was in part that melee, archers and mages all used a weapon as their primary damage, in pretty much the same auto attack way with a few skills and spells to use with the auto attack. In an attempt to make all classes equal, they made them too much alike.
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