Question Turbo ratio limits in Throttle Stop


Nov 16, 2017
I'm playing around with performance vs heat. Currently experimenting on the RPCS3 emulator. Here's what I've:

Playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma with CPU Turbo mode OFF - > CPU is at 2.4GHz and the temperatures are 60-70'C, but 45 fps
Playing Ninja Gaiden Sigma with CPU Turbo mode ON - > CPU is at about 3.6Hz and the temperatures are 77-82'C, constant 60fps but the heat is a bit too much.

So I went into Throttle Stop and in the FIVR settings under Turbo Ratio Limits I've set all 4 cores to 31. Now I also get 60fps but with less heat, and my CPU is caped at 3.1GHz, which seems to be enough to run my game smoothly.

To me this seem all fine and a good solution, but I wonder if that's a good thing to do. While watching the Throttle Stop tutorials people recommended setting the values like for example:
Core 1 = 36
Core 2 = 35
Core 3 = 34
Core 4 = 34

Yet my values for all 4 cores are the same, namely 31.
Is this ok or am I here messing with something I don't understand? Should I instead set something like:
Core 1 = 33
Core 2 = 32
Core 3 = 31
Core 4 = 31

ASUS N550JX, i7 4720HQ, 8GB RAM, GTX950m 2GB