Question [Turkey] AVM FRITZ!Box 7430 as an upgrade/replacement for provider-supplied VDSL router?


Dec 4, 2012

I'm living in Istanbul, Turkey. Türk Telekom operator has provided me with a Zyxel VMG3312-B10B VDSL modem/router. Internet connection works stable, offering nearly the promised 50/8 Mbps.

(internal modem statistics report the attainable speeds of 110/40 Mbps)

But I would like to experiment with open technologies, so I'd like to buy something like AVM FRITZ!Box 7430 and installing OpenWRT or Freetz on it. Unlike the modern 7530, 7430 only supports VDSL v1, Wi-Fi n etc. but it should be still more than enough for my needs and it's much cheaper on or ebay.

I do have passwords for my modem andinternet (PPPoE).
  1. Should a German VDSL modem work in Turkey?
  2. Should OpenWRT/Freetz work on this modem?
Partially this is a question to ask the ISP. DSL is pretty standard but the question would be do they support use of a VDSL-1 device on VDSL-2 network.

It will likely not be able to run as fast. For example vdsl has a maximum upload rate of 3mbps and that is the maximum so you might get even less.

There are a couple other issues. A larger difference between a router used in germany and one used in turkey is they have different laws on what radio channels function. Germany in general allows more. You likely could even use these other channels but it would depend on what the penalty was if they caught you.

Next when you run things like openwrt it is extremely hard to get versions that will run with a DSL modem. The drivers used for the DSL modem are not open standard things and even when the manufacture provides them there are rules that prevent people from redistributing them.
Now for some dsl routers you could recompile and link the image from the router source code and include the DSL driver yourself. This is far beyond what most people who want to play with third party firmware are willing to do.

What I would do instead is keep the ISP router but put it in bridge mode. You can then use pretty much any router that support third party firmware and use PPPoE over a standard ethernet wan port and let the ISP box do all the DSL conversion for you.