Turning off HD audio on ATI cards a slight bump in perf?

Hi my friend, good to see you and hope everything is well at home. From the article :
Consequently afford RV770 and Co. theoretically more computing work than actually necessary, because it disables the option ATI Function Driver for High Definition Audio in Device Manager, the GPU is designed durable digital sound.
So, device manager, maybe. The translation is hard to discern
I kinda doubt any article that thinks the X1000 series did audio.

Also full of issues; fist to think 2-3% difference is statistically significant :pfff:, second only seeing improvement on a second run (which usually is faster on same settings [as is known to 3Dmarkers for years]) not run both back to back with multiple runs. Then also you are running HD-audio versus no HD-Audio, not AMD-Audio versus non-AMD-HD-Audio.

All it says to me is maybe enabling HD-Audio slows down gameplay, wow, guess what, happened on my Audigy too.

Tests need to be done properly and in a way that resembles scientific method, this 'review' is little better than a forum post. :pfff:

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I don't want to go off topic but things here aren't well here unfortunately.

About the sound,well i dont have a audigy card so what shall i do ?
here is what i have :
Maziar, by the looks of things you've switched to the Soundmax integrated audio anyways and aren't using the HD-Audio out.
You can check the sound tab and see what's configured, or look in device man-gler in the control panel, but I don't think you're running the HD-Audio anyway (wouldn't be any point if you're no running Audio over HDMI).

Also, Good Luck at home dude, the World is hoping & wishing for the best.